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The seed capital needed to germinate the Trent Market Garden was sown by food services provider Chartwells , a division of Compass Group, as  part of a broader initiative to work more closely with students and universities to help develop a more sustainable and local food supply chain. By working with Chartwells, Trent University and Trent University Foodservices, the Trent Market Garden set out to produce vegetables that would then be sold to Chartwells and incorporated into the daily cafeteria menus. This closely connected food supply system would enable Chartwells, Trent Foodservices and the Trent Market Garden to collectively work towards a more sustainable and localized approach to feeding the Trent University community of students, ​​faculty and staff.
Over the course of the first two years, the Trent Market Garden has supplied Chartwells with just over 2000lbs of fresh vegetables. During that time the TMG has offered such vegetables as lettuces, winter squash, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, kale, spinach, yams, beets and ​​onions. In 2017, the TMG will continue to supply Chartwells and plans to add corn, new varieties of letture, garlic and various varieties of potatoes to the list of fresh vegetables being provided for the Tren Unviersity Symons campus community. This one of a kind direct link from field to cafeteria will continue and the TMG is excited to once more be able to act a site of agriculture production whose purpose is to feed the community that supports it.
Much of the success of the Trent Market Garden’s ability to not only facilitate the growth of fresh produce on campus, but also to be able to sell it has been made possible thanks to the support of both Trent Foodservices and Chartwells. Collectively, we have added a new and sustainable dimension to how food delivery and food supply management can be done at Trent University. As a student led organization, the TMG is very fortunate to have the institutional support of Trent Foodservices and Chartwells and will continue to work to strengthen these partnerships and provide the Trent community with quality vegetables.         

From its inception, Trent University and Trent University Foodservices have been thrilled to work with the Trent Market Garden (TMG)  to allow students to apply classroom learning in a very real world laboratory. The Trent Experimental Farm, home to the TMG, was made possible through a generous donation by Chartwells. The development of the buildings, installation of electricity and the well has allowed the Farm to flourish as a living and learning space and for the TMG to grow produce that can be sold to foodservice providers both on and off campus. The Trent Market Garden was envisioned as a space where student could apply classroom learning and develop skills in managing a small farm plot as a business. Produce is grown organically. Trent University Foodservices and Chartwells commits to purchasing as much of the produce as practical, at a fair market price. Over the first two years of operation the students who worked in the TMG and the Chartwells team learned a lot about what crops to plant, how to time the harvest and the hard work that it takes to bring fresh produce to market. 
​~ Mark Murdock - Trent Foodservices ~
The Trent Market Garden also works with student run food provider The Seasoned Spoon in order to feed the university community. As a student run non-profit cooperative vegetarian cafe, the Spoon has over the past two seasons absorbed products from the TMG. With their own field to table system with the Trent Vegetable Gardens , the Seasoned Spoon is able to draw from the TMG when its gardens are in short supply. This collaboration between the Seasoned Spoon and the Trent Market Garden is one that allows both to contribute to a more sustainable food system at Trent University.     

Another partner that the Trent Market Garden works with is the university run student pub The Céilie . Over the course of the coming season the TMG will be looking to further the relationship with The Céilie and uncover the ways that the farm can further support the needs of The Céilie. These patnerships demonstrate how the Trent Market Garden is not only uniquely situated at Trent University but it is also uniquely designed to service the Trent University community.

By working closely with key stakeholders, other student run organizations and groups, and the broader university community, the TMG is continually working towards strengthening the field to table links that help to feed students, faculty, staff and visitors to Trent University. A local and sustainable food supply system relies heavily on the cooperation of all stakeholders involved and requires a collective approach to achieving this aim, and the Trent Market Garden is fortunate to be a part of a vibrant and dedicated community that shares a desire to create just a system.  

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