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The Trent Market Garden (TMG) is a space where civic agriculture meets experiential learning. As a student run enterprise initiated in 2015 ​​by the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Society (SAFS Society), the TMG is a representation of students using their collective resources to help build a more local and sustainable food supply system. 

The Trent Market Garden facilitates the growth of food that is then sold to Trent University's campus cafeteria service provider Chartwells. With support of Chartwells and Trent University Foodservices, the Trent Market Garden has supplied Chartwells with over 2000lbs of fresh and healthy vegatables and helped to feed the students, faculty and staff of Trent University's Symons campus. This one of a kind direct link of field to cafeteria is at the heart of the farm, and the TMG is committed to remaining a site for agriculture production whose purpose is to feed the community that supports it.

As a working group of the SAFS Society, the Trent Market Garden represents a unique site for agricultural production, research and knowledge transfer. It is also part of a broader community of Trent University student run groups that are collectively working towards asserting more control over food production, distribution and environemntal stewardship. The Trent Market Garden's aim is to be a one of a kind site for agriculture production that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of its community. 

Thanks to the collective efforts of students committed to sustainable agricultural practices and agro-ecological farming methods, the Trent Market Garden has grown over the years and continues to provide students with a site for education, skill building opportunities, and meaningful employment.  

At the Trent Market Garden we like to think of our role in the proccess of food growth as facilitators and we strive to work with the entirety of the ecosystem that enables food growth. In order to do so, we practice organic and agro-ecological growing methods. We do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. For pest control and plants bacterial issues, the Trent Market Garden uses organic approaches and relies heavily on informed research and the advice of experts in the industry and at Trent University.

With a desire to do agriculture differently, the Trent Market Garden believes in working with the land and recognizes the need to reduce our impact on the environment. In doing so, not only do we play our role in the shift towards a more ecologically sound way of farming, but we also help to ensure the long term sustainability of the farm. At the TMG, we believe that environmental stewardship goes hand in hand with agriculture.   

In the sping of 2017 the TMG will be launching its first Community Supported Agriculture program in the hopes of broadening its reach within the Trent University Community, while also generating the investments needed toachieve economic sustainability. The Trent Market Garden believes that the success of a small scale market oriented farm cannot be separated from how well the farm is able to meet the needs of its community, and it is our continued efforts with Chartwells and our desire to extend our ability to provide fresh vegetables through the CSA program that will enable us to do just that. 

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