Welcome to the Trent Market Garden (TMG); a site where civic agriculture meets experiential learning. As a student run enterprise initiated in 2015 ​​by The SAFS Society, the Trent Market Garden facilitates the growth of food that is in turn sold to Trent University's campus cafeteria service provider Chartwells and incorporated into daily cafeteria menus. Supplying fresh and healthy vegatables for students, faculty and staff, the TMG is actively taking part in the creation of a more local and sustainable food supply chain. As part of a broader community of Trent University student run groups working collectively towards asserting more control over food production and distribution, the Trent Market Garden is a one of a ​kind site for agriculture production that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of its community. 
The Trent Market Garden is continually working towards being a site for sustainable agriculture by employing agro-ecological and organic farming principles in order to work with the land and facilitate the growth of a diverse set of vegetables. These approaches all contribute to ecosystem biodiverty and environemental stewardship. A core goal for the TMG is to provide students with the hands on experience needed to operate a small scale market oriented farm that works with the community.

The farm is managed and staffed by both paid and ​volunteer Trent University students who are engaged in agriculture oriented reseach or program. Currently growing on just over one acre of a three acre site, The Trent Market Garden is a dynamic agriculture site where food production serves the dual purpose of feeding and teaching students. By offering students the chance to practice what they are learning and to develop the capacities needed for agriculture production, the TMG is helping to foster a new generation of farmers and agriculturalists.  ​​
​Located on the Trent Experimental Farm at Trent University’s Symons Campus in Peterborough, Ontario, the Trent Market Garden is part of an active and vibrant community of people and student groups concerned with how we can do agriculture better. The TMG is just one expression of what students are doing at the experimental farm. With support from the Trent School of the Environment and its faculty members, the TMG is taking part in the development of a living laboratory that is helping students challenge the ways we do farming.   
​With the 2017 season now  underway, the Trent Market Garden will once more be working closely with its partners on campus and will continue its effort of contributing to the development of a local and sustainable approach to food production, distribution and consumption. Also, the TMG will be launching its first community supported argriculture program in 2017 as a way to expand the reach of the farm and build new links with the community on a more personalized basis. Along the way, the TMG will again be hiring students and helping them develop the skills and know how needed for a career in small scale faming.   
The 2017 growing season will see the launch of the TMG's first community supported agriculture program. By investing in crop shares for the season, community members get a share of the harvest and become directly involved in the production of their food which in turn strengthens the link between the farm and their table. By expanding the reach of the TMG and its ability to service the community, the funds generated by the sale of shares will be used for student wages, reinvestment in the farm and community outreach.     
Since 2015, the Trent Market Garden has delivered OVER 2000lbs of fresh and healthy vegetables to Trent University's Symons Campus cafeterias. With the support of the cafeteria management company Chartwells, the TMG supplies seasonal vegetables for incoporation into daily menu specials. By working in close collaboration with the Chef, the TMG's production is oreinted towards fulfilling the needs of its community. 
As one of a wide range of student run initiatives, the Trent Market Garden is part of a web of students and groups who are concerned with food production, distribution, and consumpotion. This network, and all the people who make it up, are continually working towards building an awareness about the importance of thinking about how we do agriculture. Either by feeding the community, offering education, undertaking research, or environmental stewardship, this community of Trent students, faculty, staff and volunteers are creating a campus community like no other.    
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​Since its inception, the Trent Market Garden has been a student run initiative whose aim is to ensure that students who want to learn how to farm have a place to do so. The TMG's team is made up of students who all share a passion for farming using sustainable and organic pratices to help produce healthy vegetables that feed the farm's community. 
Consisting of a solid volunteer base, seasonal employees, and supported by university faculty,the TMG team works with various stakeholders to ensure the success of the farm and its ability to act as a site that both teaches and promotes sustainable agriculture.

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